EY-85 Blow Mold Case

The EY-85 features a Living Hinge, Living Latch, a full double-wall base, and a H-1 Handle. It comes with convoluted foam in the top lid and diced foam in the base, providing maximum protection with a professional, custom appearance.

The EY-85 is unconditionally guaranteed, UPS and airline approved, and withstands temperatures -90°F to + 165°F. Its tough, double wall construction is virtually indestructible and is impervious to gas, oil, grease or chemicals.



Exterior Dimensions: 27.375" x 18" Interior Dimensions: 24.9375" x 14.1875" Features
Overall depth: 8.5" Overall Inside Depth: 7.5" Handle: H-1
Lid Depth: 2" Inside Lid Depth: 1.5" Label Recess: 5" x 2"
Base Depth: 6.5" Inside Base Depth: 6" Convoluted Foam in top and bottom lids