PO-209 Deluxe Poker Chip Case/Blk

Years ago, there was nothing more fun than gathering together once a week with the guys [and/or couples] and breaking out the chips to play some Poker. It was never about the money [usually!] but was more about the laughs, the thrill of victory and the merciless derision your best friends offered you in defeat. It's nice to see that Poker has now become extremely popular once again. What better way to show your love than to pull out this classy looking 300 chip case that opens to your favorite chips*, surrounded in plush red velvet, with room for two decks of cards [unmarked please!] and dice. You'll scare the heck out of your competition by making them think you're a real pro! Besides, if you are as good a Poker player as you think you are, you'll pay for this case in the first two hands! [Hey, it's more impressive than pulling chips out of a brown, torn paper bag.] Now all you need is a radical poker table and you'll have it made for those weekly memories.



Exterior Features Interior Features Details
Outside Dimensions 15" x 8" x 2.2" Plush red velvet lining in top and bottom of case interior 2 secure polished metal case locking clasps
Black PVC surface panels surrounded by sturdy aluminum frame 6 compartments for poker chips, each 7.25” x 1.5” 2 polished metal hinges
Raised polished handle 2 compartments for 2 decks of cards with lace ribbon for easy removal 4 aluminum bullet feet for case stability in vertical position
1 compartment for 5 dice *Chips, cards and dice not included