WG-026AK Double Sided Handgun/Pistol Case

If you are a handgun owner, you already recognize the importance of both keeping your gun safely in your home and, at the same time, protecting your investment. Well, this double sided pistol case does it all. Safety comes first and this case has two, triple digit combination locks on the front, one on top of each other, controlling access to either side of the case. This case features durable and good looking aluminum embossed lined panels, and each half of the case opens to place two handguns safely, each in a separate compartment within the same case. The interior features two lids with high density, egg carton shell foam lining, and high density solid sponge in the center compartment which forms the bottom of each half of the case. You can be sure your favorite handguns will be safe and secure at all times. You should measure your handguns and figure out how many you think can fit into this case using the specifications below. This case is rugged and really nice looking. Although specifically designed as a handgun case and TSA approved for handgun air travel, it is quite versatile and some customers find creative ways to use this case such as for the placement of jewelry, watches, and other valuables that need that extra protection. My wife, as usual, insists you should take out the sponge inserts and use it either as an airplane carry-on or as a cosmetics case. Hmmm….! At this price, you can put every gun you own safely in a quality case. This is a great gift idea that gives any family with hand guns peace of mind.



Exterior Features Interior Features Details
Outside Dimensions 12" x 9" x 6" High density smooth sponge in center of case, which serves as bottom of each side of case 2 support braces, one on each lid, to hold lid in upright position when open
Aluminum embossed lined surface panels surrounded by a rigid aluminum frame Black EVA high density foam lining in top and bottom of the interior 2 three digit combination locks on either side of carry handle for maximum security and separate access to each side of the case
4 polished metal hinges, two attaching each lid, on each side of case, to the center compartment High density, egg carton shell foam lining in top lid of case 16 chrome plated brace supports, one on every corner, for abrasion protection and rigidity
4 non-marring black, non skid, bullet feet for case stability in vertical position, and 8 high impact rounded plastic corners for durability TSA approved for flight Deluxe black plastic and non-slip rubber “rubdown” handle