WT-166 Classic Everything Case

Ok, for me, this case is the absolute “Bomb!” This is beyond a doubt the most functional and useful case of any on our site. I just love this case! We were originally going to call it a tool case because so many customers put their special tools and meters inside this rugged little beauty. But we cannot limit it to just tools. I have 11 of these cases on my pontoon boat alone, holding everything like first aid provisions, small batteries, GPS and VHF radios, power supplies for electronics, parts and small tools, and on and on and on. I have other customers using this case for digital cameras, small video cameras, lenses, cosmetics and jewelry. I even have one customer who is a steelworker and swears by this case as the perfect lunchbox for use 50 stories above the ground! The point is, at this price you are getting a light weight, very sturdy, super handy little storage box with ample EVA protective high density foam throughout, egg shell foam in the lid, removable pluck, cubular high density foam that is moldable to your contents in the bottom lid, and 4 EVA movable partition dividers to secure and separate your valuables. Available with black EVA high density foam interior, this case will become your instant, favorite storage container in the world. And at this price you can order several without busting your budget. But FAIR WARNING….if you buy these cases as a gift, they'll never reach their destination because you'll end up keeping them for yourself. They are so handy and functional and would even make a great sample or presentation case for corporate use. I just LOVE this case!



Exterior Features Interior Features Details
Outside Dimensions 11.5" x 7.5" x 4.4" Black or grey EVA high density foam lining with partition slots Raised black handle
Durable black PVC diamond embossed panels surrounded by sturdy aluminum frame 1 long horizontal and 3 short vertical EVA high density foam partitions for securing contents 2 polished metal hinges with metal bar supports attaching top cover to case
8 High impact polished steel corners for durability and case protection Removable High density pluck, cubular, self moldable, high density foam in bottom lid 2 secure polished metal case key lock clasps with 2 keys
4 black, non skid, rubber bullet feet for case stability in vertical position Removable egg shell foam sponge in upper lid to secure contents below 2 polished metal hinges with metal bar supports attaching top cover to case