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Double-Sided Case $46.48
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Platinum Series $66.99
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Deluxe Camera Case $16.00
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PVC Tool Case $40.90
Welcome to Cases Galore - Your online store for a huge variety of quality built, Aluminum cases at the best prices possible.

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The concept is simple; offer direct to the consumer quality aluminum cases at factory direct prices. As you browse our site you will have to agree that our prices are, without doubt, the lowest you'll ever see on the products we offer. That's because there is no middleman and no store overhead. There's just a great selection of aluminum cases at really reasonable prices. So enjoy, and if you find a moment, let me know what you think about our site and your new purchase!


Compare the prices of our cases to any retail, discount or on-line store and you'll quickly see that our prices cannot be beat. The reason is quite simple: The great majority of aluminum cases are manufactured overseas and usually pass through a middleman or broker before coming into the U.S.A. We eliminated the middleman by purchasing ownership of the overseas factory itself and thus, we are able to offer you the very best prices possible for our top quality metal containers. If you're a corporation, you definitely benefit, as we keep a large stock available at all times at factory direct prices.

Attache, Camera, and Storage

Cases for all your needs.

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Our signature case material is as rugged as it is luminous and sleek. Each design expertly blends brushed and gleaming aluminum elements, as well as high impact plastics for strong support.


Virtually indestructible, double wall construction, our huge selection of plastic cases are the art of utilitarian design. These cases are styled for the burden of daily abuse with strong latching points and sturdy grips.


Find superior storage to meet your needs. Whether it's business, vacation or school: Your kit is valuable. A vinyl bag just won't cut it. You need hardened protection that's stylish and can withstand the inevitable tumble.


There's no secret to finding storage that's right for you. It's not just synthetic or metal, design or form. It's what you need to keep your valuables intact in your home, office, or the long trip between each appointment. Look at your gear and put it right next to the monitor. That's the one. Our case fits just right.


As you browse through our selection, you'll notice well written branding and descriptions that pull you closer, and something else quite different: We don't sacrifice quality. We simply removed the middle man to offer amazing, direct-from-factory prices. We didn't pass the savings on to you, we removed the guy that takes the extra costs other dealers charge.


Once you've found the perfect case, punch your information at checkout and track your purchase. That's it. After you receive your storage case, we look forward to hearing how happy you are that your valuable assets are snuggled and protected behind brushed, sleek beauty.

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Each case has a different purpose for each person. Find the style that's right, and make it yours.

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We strive to meet all of your expectations with excellent products and amazing service. Encrypting your data, answering your concerns, expediting your order, and reading your comments are just a few of the more important topics you may have a question about. Check out what we have to say on all that matters to you in our customer care section of Cases Galore.


"Despite our best efforts at categorizing our many different models, the fact remains that one person's Laptop storage may well be another person's photographic equpiment container. Don't be restricted by labels and feel free to explore all the different models and sizes of metal cases we offer. You are bound to find just the right case for your treasured stuff."
Michael Dennis, Owner